We commend your consideration of porcelain and ceramic floor tile options, but we know that this product line comes with many essential questions. Today, we're providing some answers to the most frequently asked questions about these materials for your consideration, so read along with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Tile

Aren’t porcelain and ceramic tiles the same thing?

Because porcelain and ceramic are so similar, many homeowners do mistakenly view them interchangeably. However, porcelain offers several characteristics, including a denser, harder composition and more water resistance.

Are floor tiles waterproof?

The permeability of tile flooring is so low, it’s easy to view them as entirely waterproof, but in and of themselves, they are only water-resistant. However, tiles can be sealed and coated to create an impressive level of protection against water damage, and we can give you all those details when you visit.

Can I install my tile flooring?

Unless you have previous experience installing tile flooring as a professional installer, we recommend that you take advantage of professional installation. The benefits are well worth the extra time and budget, and your investment will be protected entirely, no matter what happens.

Will this product line fit my unique décor style?

Tile flooring offers limitless design potential, including extensive options for shape and size and the opportunity to create mosaics and patterns that are 100% unique to your specific décor. These pieces can be cut into any size or shape and combined in ways you approve, so let’s get started today.

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